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Wizarding Fest of 
Cocktails and Ales

The Wizarding Festival of Cocktails and Ales is an event full of magic, debauchery, cocktails, ciders, beer, and mischief. Our venue is transformed into a wizarding universe of wonders full of areas to explore. Dawn your favorite robe, costume, or uniform and set off on a wild adventure. The festival includes complimentary cocktails, ciders, and beers. Live music from wizarding party bands and DJ Dumble-Drop the Bass. Other areas include the enchanted marketplace, wand shop, and hidden speakeasy to grab an adult butterscotch beer or adult potion and more.

The Hall of Cocktails

Visit the Hall of Cocktails, full of witches and wizards, and tons of photo opportunities. The signature cocktails of the festival will be poured throughout the hall.

Magical Beer Garden

In the Magical Beer Garden, guests can indulge in an unlimited taste of different beers and ciders


Wizard Rock Concert Hall

Live performances from wizard rock bands and DJ’s including DJ DumbelDore Dance House Set, and the Red-Headed Party Band who will be bringing their high energy covers to the hall.


The Enchanted Market Place

Explore the Enchanted Market Place, full of magical shops, wizarding food vendors, custom wand shop, and more.


Stiff Wand Speakeasy

Make your way to the speakeasy to try our famous Adult Butterscotch Beer and Dragon Scale Potion Shots.

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